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Your Enterprise Strategy

As every business is unique every succession and exit plan has to allow for the differences.

The processes are logical but shaped by individual perceptions and a mix of personal goals, aspirations, emotions and reality.

Developing Succession and Exit Plans is often placed in the ‘too hard’ basket by business owners. It takes them out of their comfort zone and addresses their mortality

Fresh eyes help develop and implement strategies to overcome the issues and produce achievable results that benefit all involved.

We offers practical hands-on advice, also facilitate the transition for all involved plus build a stronger, more robust, viable business and investment. A business that will stand out from competitors, be able to take advantage of new opportunities and most importantly, achieve results that benefit our client’s needs.

Your Enterprise is a MAUS Business Partner, an international network of business advisors who have helped over 60000 business worldwide develop high performance businesses.

The technology, processes and experience of our association with MAUS ensures that we can assist business owners develop their business. We use patented business diagnostics tools that control systems and processes, ensure accountability for all staff, manage risk, allowing you to work on your business, not in your business.

These systems plus our experience in strategy implementation remove the barriers to developing your business beyond your expectation. We will close the ‘Value Gap’

We will work with you to highlight the areas that need improvement through the implementation of programs such as ‘Your Business Success.’

Your Business Success looks at the success factors that drives your business. These processes will provide clarity and reduce stress so that you can focus on ‘what matters most’ for you and your businesses future.

  • Grow businesses and improve business strategies

  • Set up businesses for Succession and Exit

  • Manage and facilitate the process for clients

  • Prepare and manage clients through change

John Fitzgerald

John has spent over 25 years in a business career that is both extensive and diverse. His involvement includes all levels of business—for both industry and government—he understands the conflicting priorities of business management, and is an experienced project manager. John has been involved with all manner of commercial procedures including the practical realities of developing, growing and sustaining a business.

In his role as a certified exit planning advisor, John is dedicated to cultivating the most advantageous solutions for business and rural succession and exit strategies, thereby increasing value and generating opportunities for personal and financial prosperity. His exceptional personal and interpersonal skills guide his clients through the passage of succession and sale ensuring clarity, peace of mind and an ease of transition.

Serving his clients with their best interests at heart he is in a crucial positon to liaise in a mutually supportive way with their other professional advisors, thus creating additional opportunities to identify further needs, choices and concerns.

Succession planning can be a very turbulent procedure with no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution but John’s expertise and previous experience enables him to manoeuvre through a maze of options in a logical and methodical fashion. His systems are comprehensible, transparent and easily scrutinised. His down-to-earth approach effects sound conclusions based on conscientious analysis.

John FitzGerald delivers significant, successful and life-changing results.

Prepare, Prioritise and Prosper with Your Enterprise Strategy

How ready are you to sell your business? Check out these free online calculators.

Leaving your business is a highly complex and personal process.

Planning for transition gives clarity and peace of mind and provides all involved with understanding to adjust to change.

Test yourself and your business with these Your Enterprise Strategy calculators, and get reports on your exit readiness and more.

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