Farm Succession

Farm Succession

Farming although often considered a lifestyle is still a business.

In developing Rural Succession Plans we apply a 22 step process to ensure that a sustainable agricultural business and asset can be passes on in a way that benefits all financially and personally.

To achieve this we first review the enterprise to understand some important factors:

  • The present situation
  • The production systems
  • The production mix
  • The goals and aspiration of all involved
  • Debt level
  • Areas of potential
  • Present valuation of all assets

From this understanding we carry out a needs and gap analysis and develop a strategic plan to ensure the best outcome for all involved.

How ready are you to sell your business? Check out these free online calculators.

Leaving your business is a highly complex and personal process.

Planning for transition gives clarity and peace of mind and provides all involved with understanding to adjust to change.

Test yourself and your business with these Your Enterprise Strategy calculators, and get reports on your exit readiness and more.

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